By Karyn Chylewski

Why are women underrepresented in leadership roles, and what we can do to change that? Research shows how social conditioning plays a role from a very early age, and provides clues to overcome it.

See what personalized development can do for the women in your organization.

Men and women are nearly equally represented in entry level roles, but women become fewer and further between in every job level thereafter. Only 38 percent of manager roles are filled by women, and that number is further reduced to 21 percent in c-suite roles. …

I’m reading “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday right now.

The first couple chapters are all on our ability to perceive.

How we may use this power of perception objectively, or subjectively.

It’s the beautiful thing of having choice.

When obstacles inevitably show up in our lives, we have the choice on how we will respond.

And yes, this sounds straightforward and simple.

But, when it’s happening to us, we struggle with the objective…we lean on the subjective.

It’s why you can give your best friend great advice with their problems compared to when they are our own.

Automating your decision making on the small stuff leaves important energy for the big stuff.

This topic came up in this week’s TLL Broadcast, and it led us to refer to Jocko Willink’s credo “Discipline = Freedom”.

It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

That establishing a structure and honoring a routine on a daily basis equals freedom.

The catch is realizing that what it seems like you’re giving up (choice, variety, spontaneity) are the very things draining you.

Tiny decisions still use brain power. A lot of it.

Take the example of deciding what to have for breakfast every day:

There’s the search: “ What doooo we have?”, hands rubbing together in glee.

Then, contemplation: “Ooooh…

I’m Not a Purpose Coach, But Here’s What I Did To Find Mine

The World Economic Forum refers to our current state as The Great Reset. An opportunity to move forward by leaving behind old identifiers like racism, general disregard for putting environmental strain on our planet, and from having such a far divide between the haves and the have-nots.

A reset. A do-over. A mulligan. For humanity. For humanity!

That means you (and me).

Reset or Recalibrate: Moving Forward with Intention

I coach a lot of accomplished leaders who, usually around 38–45, suddenly stop to almost peer over their shoulder to take in the path they’ve chosen. Up until now life’s been…

It’s hard to write something light, say for ‘Motivational Monday’, or ‘How to Prioritize’, or ‘Why It’s Important to Connect with Your Team’, with everything going on.

This weekend we’ve seen uprisings, protests, curfews, violence, peace, blood, anger, kickstarted by a merciless act thrown on a powder-keg of a frustrated and disappointed nation who haven’t had an outlet for weeks.

Not only that, but we are lacking a response, a sense of direction, a vision.

Leadership is glaringly absent.

I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m going to leave that right there, it’s not up for debate, you can support (or…

I was coaching a client yesterday. He was struggling to place a direct report under a manager as their current manager gave his notice. His first instinct was to take the person on himself, but ultimately, that wouldn’t work as he too was leaving for 3 weeks.

I could tell he was frustrated and becoming overwhelmed by this conundrum. We spin ourselves into a downward spiral when we feel like we have no options.

I asked him if he wanted to talk through this and he was like, “Absolutely.”

Where to Begin: Clearly identify the goal and the challenge, simply

I totally believe that life is a process. That each day, week, and month reveals what you honor, are committed to, and are learning. So, I don’t necessarily need an event to launch what I believe is an unfolding; an everyday journey.

Yet I love New Years. I love the symbolic fresh start because in our adult years, we rarely get an opportunity to have a clean slate. Gone are the days of leaving junior high for high school, high school for college, and college for the real world. …

I was getting water yesterday out of the PUR water filtration container on my counter. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden, it was everywhere.

I exclaimed, “The water spilt!

My husband in the other room laughs. And I know why. While it’s funny when stuff like that happens to our spouses, this gave him the opportunity to ask, “The water spilt, huh?

I smiled. He was right. I spilt the water.

It’s a small shift, but it’s one I’m employing everywhere, I’m taking responsibility for my actions.

The Language We Choose To Use
We use this avoidance…

Setting the tone for the day begins as soon as you walk through the door. What’s your vibe, how do you kick off the morning with your team? Are you rushed, rifling off your expectations for the day? If so, you may be rattling them before they’re halfway through their coffee. There’s a reason for the saying, “You get more bees with honey.” People appreciate being acknowledged as people, some connection through conversation is vital.

This excerpt from Daniel Goleman’s Primal Leadership, explains:

“The leader’s mood and behaviors drive the moods and behaviors of everyone else. A cranky and ruthless…

You’re good at what you do, I have no doubt in my mind the capabilities are there. They must be for you to have gotten where you are.

I just want you to remember how much influence you have over your team. It’s pretty powerful. Whether you come in with a good or bad mood will weigh heavily on their day, and ultimately, on their performance.

As Maya Angelou reminds us, “ People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya’s saying how you make people…

Karyn Danielle Chylewski

Helping mindful business leaders cultivate workplaces where people feel safe, valued, and inspired to perform at their best.

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